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It is an important benefit to you to have such a good manager as Mr. O. Thomson.  I am however comparatively ignorant of Fruit growing & Dairying, and am really surprised at the profit of £15 per acre on your orchard.  Such large profits will be apt to increase competition and may eventually create a glut and so reduce prices.  In the meanwhile you have a start and I trust your enterprise will be amply remunerated before any overproduction overtakes you.  Tasmanian apples reach London in good condition and make a ready sale, and I believe more attention is being paid to fruit growing in England so that with cheaper labour this home produce is likely to come into greater competition.

I agree with you that the strikes are the cause of much of the distress amongst the poor people of New South Wales and many other places.  If Capital is handicaped, it decreases employment, and the working men are the greatest sufferers, and the worst of it is that the industries of the 

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