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although I have no doubt that if the nomination took place there in place of Geelong, that a number of [petitions?] Members would be returned, in place even of resident candidates, as in the case of Earl Greys election.  The very strong feeling existing against a Sydney connection in any way is also much against you;  which feeling has driven the Melbournites to desperate measures, in Nov election, and however foolish it appears, it will at least draw the attention of the Home Authorities to the necessity of Separation which must be advantageous to P. Phillip, because, the prospect of an immense land fund is clearly seen to be in existence created for a long period of time, the soil being so much richer near the coast, than on the Sydney localities, will sell at even £1 an acre for grazing purposes, before many years pass away.  Much of this feeling against Sydney connection has been aggravated by the do nothing management of the Superintendent, who appears to have failed to represent the wants of the district, to head quarters, or to get a proportion to expenditure for this

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