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both Mr. Cowper & Mr. Smart interested themselves for me, but Mr. Robertson then made a virtue of his not being able to accommodate their friend, though I must say that I think Mr. Moriarty was most to blame in insisting upon a sale of the runs, and the political head was subservient to him, perhaps it is as well to avoid any direct allusion to the matter with any of them, though it might come better from you, than from my solicitors, who may not be so solicitous to avoid coming into collision with the enemy.  If you had occassion to call upon Mr. Moriarty on other business, you might incidentally allude to the case, and without making any direct enquiry asertain what their views were.  Whether in the event of the appeal going on, they would defer further steps until the final decision, or whether if the appeal was withdrawn they would lease runs in possession to the end of the lease of the whole block.

Excuse the length of this letter, and the trouble I am creating to you.  Your predictions as to the weather in March has been very correct.  With kindest regards to your brother & his family circle.  I remain,

Very sincerely yours

W. Campbell

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