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better can be expected.  Had Sir Wm. Mannings fencing Clause been carried it would have removed a great deal of the evils likely to arise from the want of such a principle in the Act.  It would have been much better to have further increased the conditional purchase to about 1000 acres and got rid of the grazing rights, which will only be scrambled for & which is a most rotten thing altogether but which the vanity of the author of the Land Act of 1861 and his position as the head of the Government leads him to perpetuate.  The worst feature in Colonial life is that unprincipled hands frame our laws.  It is so in Victoria also, though the L[egislative] Council have in times past checked the downward career which the needy professional politicians in the Assembly wish to propel to the destruction of the right of property.  But enough on this unpleasant subject, and forgive me for bothering you with my views on politics.

I have great reason to be thankful with my recoup in pastoral pursuits, and if I can sell out at any thing like a fair value

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