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under any Regulations, when Commrs. will have a discretionary power of enlarging runs.  I fear the new regulations will only prolong the evils, and involve the Govt. into a mass of confusion with so many tenants of tenements partly purchased.  If it would be agreeable to you, I would take it very kind if you would procure me a Letter recommendation from some Member of the Executive to Mr. La Trobe, as it might strengthen my arguments in my claim to the Island, which I suppose will be laid before the Colonial Secretary through Mr. La Trobe.

I hope you received the balance of my sale acct. of the Ravensworth Rams, which I remitted about a month ago.

If you can spare some the flock of Ewes, you could send any rams that are fit to be disposed of with them, and I would endeavour to sell them to the best advantage.  Three careful men, would be sufficient to drive them down one of them trustworthy as an overseer, say at £1 per week, and the others at the rate of £30 per annum which I would 

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agree to give them after they arrived here.  A tilted horse dray with two good draft animals would be sufficient with some matting to enclose the sheep at night if you could send them the sooner the better before the rivers rise, although it is possible to send them at any time.  The dray and horses I would take at their cost.

J & W Macarthur Esqrs.
of Camden
&c &c &c

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