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Invercargill which I wish to sell.  It cost me only 10/ an acre and had I sold a few months ago I could have got about £6 an acre, but it is not now so saleable, I however wish to concentrate my affairs, in fact my hands are full enough between my stations here &c without matters in New Zealand distracting me.

I shall be glad to hear of the former Camden flock and if any of the Ewes are for sale I would like to buy a few of them that is to say if they have kept them pure & unmixed.

We have had a moderate flood last week from the Gibbs land [possibly Gippsland] Ranges without much rain here, and with very little to the westward.

Were it not for the extreme heat which must prevail at Camden Harbour, that would be the best locality for sheep farming.  As I see


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