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of it is a solid plain, and the edges lines with immense belts of reeds, it is above Swan Hill and adjoining the run I occupy on the north bank of the Murray.  The junction of the two branches of the river at Swan hill is what struck Sir Thos. Mitchell when he supposed them separate rivers, and being the first applicant I have leave to stock the Island which I defer doing until the river falls low enough to be fordable.  I intend going to Melbourne town soon when I shall try & get the Lisence.  I do not like the features of the Murray country so well dead level dreadfully hot with tormenting swarms of misquitoes and if my brother in law does not go home, I would be very much be disposed to sell off here and go to North Australia.  What could I purchase good Ewes at one the Sydney or Morton Bay side of the Country if I manage to get a Lisence from Bingham my stock stations would be worth realise about £3000 but without stations sheep here are only a shade or two above the boiling point.  There is some splendid country hereabouts and that is worth £1 per acre even for feeding sheep, and if it was now offered for sale at that price it a great deal of it would be sold, it would be worth your while to come to see it and if there was any change in the regulations to endeavour to get a run of a first rate [Continued on Page 6]

My Brother in law & his cousin I.A. Cameron have taken their passage in the Maitland and are to sail about the end of next month so that for the present I cannot take the advantage of going to the new Colony but probably they may relieve me in about 18 months when it might not be too late to go to North Australia though the sooner the better one goes there.  A great number of the squatters are going home by the Maitland, about 20 have taken passages.

I have offered to sell my stock sheep to Messrs Bell & Wilson for 10/ but they have requested to get 3 weeks to decide upon it.  What do you think I should do if I cannot make out a right to a part of the run of Cowra.  I could not get as much by nearly a half for the sheep.  Let me know what I could get good sheep at

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