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they would take upwards of 10,000 acres out of an enclosed run of 14,000 acres, which would be tantamount to the destruction of the run.  Of course I am bound in self defence to buy around them which I can best do with [vol. ?] certificates, but the land will cost me over £2 an acre, which is double its value.  I consider the amended Act injurious to the Squatter;  and it would be better if the Govt. gave the squatters facilities for buying their runs, or as much of them as they could afford to buy at a fair value than throw the lands away to selectors who will be in continual agrarian warfare with the squatter, and be scattered with their families beyond the reach of school, or church, or medical advice.  But the damage is done;  and in these times when our professional politicians pander to manhood suffrage nothing 

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