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Remarks on the Land Bill of 1872.

The objections generally made to the Squatters pre-emption of 16,000 acres as a homestead might have been anticipated by the framers of the Bill, and not a few of the most reasonable of the Squatters scarcely expected to ranch themselves;  the Squatting Representatives should therefore give up this point, and they squatters should be satisfied if the lessee was allowed to purchase limited areas containing their improvements at the upset price of the adjoining, or rather, same class of land, and not to be required to pay 20/ an acre for improved land as he must under the 28 Clause:  it would be unfair to the lessee who improved the land to be made to pay more than a homestead purchaser, or a free selector, or a purchaser at auction.  For example:  A, a Squatter reclaims the 

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