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increased size of the animal, tends to enlarge the fibres but the extreme heat and constant exposure, with the crust of dust, exhausts the yolk and hungers the wool, which in such localities I have found to be deficient in character, dry and brittle.

The rams to avoid catarrah come low down the Murray, and when the reached here their wool had that hungry appearance and when I compared them with the sheep I had here, I was thoroughly disgusted with them - I like them better now. I have not heard from Mr Hamilton yet, and begin to think my letter offering them to him has miscarried - I have offered them at 45/-.   I have sold 20 of them the other day to Mr [Splatt?] at the same price, to be delivered in Decr. taking a run of his wethers (not under 6 tooth) at 6/- in payment

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