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or to Mr. Johnson my solicitor.  But perhaps it may be as well to let the matter drop.  If the Govt. will give have given me this undisputed right to the run, I would be disposed to compromise the matter by giving up my claim to the money paid, & Expenses.

I have just returned from a trip to the Murrimbidgee, [Murrumbidgee] where we are suffering much from the drought;  I have 35,000 sheep on the back blocks depending almost entirely upon water drawn from the wells at a depth of from 70 to 100 feet;  I have only about a fortnights supply in the dams;  I have only 3 good wells and one of the three is only sufficient for 5000 sheep, so I must draw about 15,000 gallons a day from each of the two others, as I find that in dry hot weather, sheep on salt bush require on an average about a gallon each

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