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especially as there is no protection after reclaiming such a desert.  I had hard work in reclaiming a back run, which was abandoned a few years before I got it, but I had a pleasant hope before me in my struggles;  though now after it has been developed it is grievous to have it destroyed by free Selectors law.

Do not be surprised if I invade Camden soon.  Our friend Mr. Rusden who is now busy with his History intends paying you a visit, and perhaps I may go with him.  I hope the facts of the early times of N.S. Wales in which your late Father played such an important part, may be fully brought to the light of day.  In justice to his memory it should be, and Rusden with your assistance is well qualified both from ability and application to compile a history of our new world.

Except my youngest son Donald now at Oxford, all the rest of my family are living within a few miles of here, & except Mrs. Anderson all well.

With kindest regards to Mrs. J. Macarthur, Mrs. Onslow &c., I remain ever,

Yours sincerely

W. Campbell


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