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were it not that your Brother had communicated with the Colonial Secretary on the subject, I should have accused the Government for sheltering officials under such charges, but as the matter is so long past I do not wish to say anything further on the subject, which although a duty, is a very ungracious task.

I am in correspondence with Mr. Wm Hamilton regarding your rams.  I expect him to come to see them in the course of 10 days when I hope to be able to effect a sale.  If you could supply me with 40 of your finest best, if you would select them yourself, I could dispose of those I got down or if you could not spare 40 of first rate quality, perhaps you could supply a less number.  I am anxious, having your [indecipherable] sheep, to take every means of procuring the best rams, and I trust if God spares me, in a few years to take the lead in fine wooled sheep in this district.  I find there is a prejudice against your sheep, but I know it is a false one, and I think I shall be able to remove it in a great measure.

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