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the land upon a poor waterless plain, by sinking wells, tanks etc., and if he wishes to buy his improved lands he is allowed to take 640 acres at 20/ an acre.  B, another squatter who holds a rich well watered run can select 16000 acres of rich land on a well watered run where nature did every thing for him @ 8/ an acre, and C, a capitalist can buy at auction land equal to A's land at 5/ an acre.  A cannot be put on the same terms with B because his land is not of equal value, but if C who has done nothing to develope the country is allowed to buy at 5/- why not A who has done every thing, be allowed to purchase his improved lands of equal value at the same price.  It is however thought that 5/ is too low a price for ordinary grazing lands, and that to sell them at that very low price would create a scramble

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