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members of my family has been sold, and the flock must be removed before November, and as I am forced to give up the idea of living again in Australia, all my properties are for sale;  and the Pure Merinos not excepted.  One thing I have imposed on my son Donald is that the whole female flock shall be sold in one lot, probably the flock of ewes will be put up for sale by auction.  Should you become the purchaser the terms of payment to you would be one tenth in cash, and the remainder in nine yearly instalments bearing 5% interest.  Other buyers would require to pay a much larger cash deposit on delivery and the balance on shorter terms, I mention these preferable terms which pray receive in confidence, which you can of course mention to Mr. P. King in confidence also.  My son Donald's address is "The Melbourne Club, Melbourne".  Mrs. Campbell and I are both getting old, and our family being all at home excepting Donald who is only temporarily absent we think it better to settle down here, though for my own part I would like to revisit the Colonies, but if things go on well the probability is that even I alone will not carry out my wishes.  I know it is a bad time to sell out of my freeholds and stations, but I must be prepared to make sacrifices.  Trade is very bad here, and prices of wool are low, as are also almost every other commodity, the cheapness of money ought to enhance prices.  We have had very hot weather here lately, but I trust the heat of summer is nearly over.  We returned a few days ago from a trip of three weeks duration in the highlands of Scotland which we enjoyed very much, but the abscence of old friends there marred the enjoyment.  I find that during

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