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suffer by fine and impounding than give up any claim easily.

I may add that Bell and Wilson were several months upon the country before me, and had formed several stations with less than 4,000 sheep, but when I went there with my stock, I found a stretch of country about 25 miles in length, by about 12 in breadth - 300 sections still unoccupied.  Three months before then I had applied for a Lisense for 5,000 sheep.  To shew that the country is capable of of supporting a considerable stock, I may add that there are other parties upon the run, who are considered intruding some of whom are warned off - viz Mr. Haddon with about 8,000, Manton with 3,000, sheep and Mr. Foster with 500 head of cattle equivalent to 4000 sheep - in all 16,000 in addition to 10,000 which Messrs Bell & Wilson & I have upon the run.  So that there are upwards of 20,000 sheep and 500 head of cattle upon the run already, the run that is claimed by Bell & Wilson with 4,000 and that has been granted by the Commissioner.

Granting even that Bell and Wilson had a claim to the country by Hoggs application, would it not be forfeited by an unreasonable time elapsing before they occupied it, which was the case I believe, and how could they occupy such extent with 2 flocks sheep.  I am sorry to be under the necessity of troubling you again in this matter, but I am anxious to know what reply you had from the Colonial Secretary's Office, and what advice you would give me.  Please be kind enough to write to me soon.  I remain my dear Sir,

Your very faithfully & respectfully

W. Campbell

J. Macarthur Esq.

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