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class from the Richlands flock, & that I had a few good rams for their use, and that I had subsequently a few more out of a lot which you sent to Victoria for sale a few years later.  Having at first starting taken a lot of the late Dr. Bowmans rams with me for sale, and these having occassionaly mixed with my sheep when travelling & forming stations I had to throw the progeny of the first lambing of the pure into my general flock.  With my pure ewes I kept 4 or 500 of the best of cross bred ewes when I sold the others.  and I also picked a number of the best of a flock which I purchased in Victoria from a Mr. Norton, making a flock of about 1200 of good cross bred ewes, out of which I bred rams for sale, and the greater number of rams which I sold were for the first 5 or 6 years were half bred.  The few

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