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the aim, as it ought to be the duty of the Govt. to concentrate the population to a certain degree, but through the Crown Land Commissioners granting immoderate tracts to individuals not requiring it, it is scattering the people beyond the protection of the law, and the influence of religion and thereby denying them their social Institutions that the most barberous tribes enjoy.  In reply to Mr. Bingham regarding Bell & Wilson's complaint (they purchased the run from the Walkers in Sydney, who purchased it from Hogg) I wrote "I beg to say that their complaint is unfounded, for when I occupied the country I left a distance of about 8 miles of country between our respective stations, as I reported to you when I occupied the country and I have no doubt when you see the extent of country that you will see the unreasonable claim they make for to pasture the small quantity of stock they have upon the country.  From a press of business you may have overlooked my claim, I therefore beg to remind you upon what grounds I occupy the country, viz.  In May I found that part of the country between the Wacol and Murray, and Messrs Tenet & Pinkertons and Mr Boyd's station unoccupied, I lost no time in applying for a Lisense to pasture 5000 sheep upon it and before I heard from you I occupied the country in Augt. leaving a distance of at least 8 miles  between us (if that be encroachment the regulations must be strange, indeed).  At the same time (3 months after my first application) I reported to you my occupation of the country and renewed my application on the grounds of my leaving a sufficient distance, and not encroaching upon any one."  I also wrote to Mr. Bingham that as I could not

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