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successful.  Remind him of the almost unanimous verdict of the Jury against the Crown, and the strong probability of my ultimately gaining the action.

I fear I have tired you with this vexatious affair;  and you must excuse this hurriedly written letter.

Were it not that I do not like to be absent from my place in the Council in the conflict between us, and the Assembly on the question of privilige, I should have taken a run up to Sydney and saved you this trouble.

I fear we are to have a dry season, there has been a very general loss in the stock throughout the interior plains both in lambs & Ewes;  on my runs I shall shear about 10,000 less than I should do in a good season, and in addition to the loss in stock, I have had to water the stock at the wells up to middle of July at a heavy expense - in fact I have had about two men to procure water to every shepherd and his flock.  There will also be a very deficient clip of broken quality, so that 

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