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just heard of my wool sales and shall have to refund about 3d per lb. on 1/- which I took in advance last year.  The surplus of the year before I lost by Cockerell & Co.'s failure - however I have no debt, and even with these hard times, I shall be able to get on.  The prospect of abundance of cheap labour is very encouraging.  Wages are now reduced to £20/- 6 months ago we paid £30.  I think £15 will be the rate soon.  We are melting on a large scale - good sheep are worth from 5/ to 6/ for melting purposes.  I have now good sheep shepherded and watched by 6 men, and were it not for keeping the fine wooled sheep apart I could reduce that number of men.  I had for a month or two 5000 running in one flock, they were camped out without [Continued on Page 33]

P.S.  I have just met Capt. Tryans for the first time, he tells me that he thinks there will be a good chance of your return for the L.C. as there will is to be a deficiency of Members.

In haste

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