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hurdles, improved in condition, and had no lapses.  Mr. Cameron has just arrived and I am relieved from the superintendence of his affairs.  He has been two years away, he has had about £1000 in cash, and he now receives 63,000 lbs of wool, this years clip, with an increase of 10,000 sheep which even in these times, gives him an income of £2500, of 16,000 sheep left by him two years ago and now increased to 26,000, after the sale of upwards of 3,000 wethers.  I mention these facts to enable you to draw a comparison between a first rate run in this district, with ordinary stock upon it, and an indifferent run in the middle district with first rate stock upon it - there are very few runs compared to Camerons, and I know of none as successful in this district as he has been.  Still a great deal of the country is of first rate sheep quality, though perhaps three fourths of it is very indifferent.  I enclose a remittance of £50 being the rent of the pure Ewes due 

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