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of the interior that the fleeces are lighter.  They are decidedly shorter in staple, and I am inclined to believe larger in fibre;  the size of this animal is on these fine healthy pastures much increased, and with that increase I believe there is a corresponding increase in the size thickness of the fibre - but a very marked decrease in the length of the staple.  Nature does not require such a heavy covering, and time gradually produces a change.  My object is more to draw your attention to the question I have raised than to solicit an opinion, and also to put you on your guard as to how you may reply to communications from interested parties, though I believe that is unnecessary.

Have you heard any thing more of Furlonge's sheep:  the Camden ewes sold to Lord and Ramsay!

I am quite of your opinion as to the superiority of the Rhamboillist [also spelt Rambouillet] flock.  They are superior in size 

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