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36 Holland Park
5 March 1885

My dear Mrs. Onslow,

Regarding the thorough bred pure Merinos which are at Camden I find that the term (5 years) on which they were given is about to expire.  I would revert to our condition which I imposed into the arrangements with your late Uncle;  namely that none of the female progeny would be disposed of in any way, the object being to prevent the flock spreading into other hands.  During the long time I had them I never parted with a single ewe, except those I sent to Camden.  I now wish to make you a present of that little flock and my share of their increase, on the condition that you do not sell or give away any of the ewes nor any of their female increase, which condition was complied with by your Uncle. 

It is understood that the ewes can be used for slaughtering purposes.  The value of the pure Merinos is a matter of history in

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