Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 437

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the last three years since I left the Colonies, that most of my old friends are no more.  What a sad reflection to find such blanks in such a short time, it ought to make us care less for things of this life, and induce us to prepare to follow the many dear ones who have gone before us.  May God enable us to do our duty while we are here, and to rely upon the merits of our Redeemer.

We are all I am thankful to say in our usual good health, my wife is however very unwieldy in moving about though otherwise in good health.

My son Donald is rather retiring in his disposition, but I hope he may pay you a visit before he returns home.

Remember me kindly to all your dear children, I cannot now call them "little ones", and in the hope of someday meeting you in England, I remain,

Yours very sincerely
W. Campbell

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