Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 428

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own eye, to see that their health &c. is properly attended to, besides it is a great happiness to you to have them under your care.

You seem to have been very fortunate in the disposal of the cattle, owing no doubt to the drought in other places.  The decrease of live stock will probably keep prices up for a year or two.  The Australian & New Zealand frozen meats are realizing prices here, very close on the wholesale prices of English meat, which have gone down considerably.

The water supply from the River will be a great thing for the House, orchard &c., and the new stables will be a great convenience to you.

I quite agree with you about the impolicy of stopping the sale of Land.  It was the large sales of land in Riverina that gave the Govt. such splendid surpluses of Revenue.


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