Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 310

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but if the lessee was allowed to purchase at 10/ an acre to the extent of his expenditure, a large quantity would be purchased;  that is suppose he has laid out £1280 in any improvement that he should be allowed to purchase 2560 acres at 10/ an acre, or any lesser area not less than 40 acres.  But the lessee however many his improvements should be restricted from purchasing more than one half or one third of his run.  A very considerable revenue would be derived from the Squatters under such a system and especially at the present time when from the high price of wool and good seasons they are in a better position to buy than they have been for a long period past, and no one knows how long these good prices may continue, or how soon a drought may again overtake the tenant of the plain. again

The penalty of non residence under the 55 or 58 Clauses is so great

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