Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 274

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price below a fair value as it would create a host of Land jobbers and also land sharks who would crop up at every auction sale by the dozen to be bought off from competition - this system originated in Victoria, where buyers have paid as much as several thousand pounds to buy these land harpies off in a day.  A fair value would not give room for such disgraceful work, besides why should land that is saleable at 10/ and 15/ an acre be thrown away at 5/- for my own part I would sooner in common with my fellow Squatters pay the state 10/ an acre, than pay 6/ an acre through a land shark.

Mrs. Campbell joins me in offering our best regards to Mrs. Macarthur, Mrs. Onslow, and Capt. Onslow and yourself.

Yours very sincerely

W. Campbell

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