Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 237

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about £40 a mile.  I suppose you have done nothing with regard to stocking Camden with sheep.  I have given you particulars of my fences and in case you might think of subdividing Camden into sheep paddocks, and should you desire it will glad to give you more particulars.

You are aware that Furlonge who had the Camden pure Ewes became insolvent some time ago;  I believe Capt. Towns of Sydney has purchased an interest in some of his stations.  He may be able to give you particulars regarding the remains of that flock.

Requesting you to give my best remembrances to Mrs. Macarthur Capt. & Mrs. Onslow, I remain,

My dear Sir William
Yours very sincerely

W. Campbell.

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