Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 184

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become the purchaser, and that I will try and hold possession, and bring an action for tresspass against the purchaser when he puts stock upon it.

As to having to pay 25 per cent of the premium for a 5 years lease in addition to a years rent, I should certainly prefer paying the rent only with an option of forfeiture, besides how will it be with regard to the premium, should a portion of the run be selected by purchasers.  The premium is for a lease for 5 years, but the lease may be destroyed by a purchaser next day, and the premium is lost to the tenant.

I wish you would see Mr. Moriarty again, and ask him to defer putting up the runs, until I have Sir H. Cairns opinion and point out to him the inconvenience that may arise in the event of my appeal being

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