Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 176

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be gone about, as if too abrupt it might incite them to put up the runs at once, which I would of course again resist.  I may mention that I was credibly informed that Mr. Faucett had expressed an opinion that whatever the result of the point trial might be, that the then Govt. would not disturb me in the possession of the runs, and after such a verdict given almost unanimously (11 out of 12) in my favor, it would be cruel on the part of any Govt. to take advantage of a point of law;  which by the by may yet be finally decided against them.  Mr. Cowper with whom I am on friendly terms might be confidentially spoken to, though perhaps it might excite Mr. Robertsons jealousy were you to approach him indirectly.  On a former occasion 

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