Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 137

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of carriage, and the management of the natives would be overcome;  as you know it is easier to manage cattle than sheep amongst the wild Blacks and there is less carriage.  I expect to see Mr. MacIntyre again before he leaves town, and get more detailed information from him, and if you are still disposed to invest in pastoral property in the interior I shall be glad to render you all the assistance in my power.  Any thing I have thus written regarding the localities of McIntyres discoveries you will be pleased to hold as confidential.  I think the best country available lies to westward of the Warrigo in about Lot 26.  No doubt the distance is great, but if the country is first rate, as I believe it is, it would be better to go and there than have inferior country nearer, besides the tenure in Queensland is much longer than in N.S. Wales and the rent is light.  MacIntyre & his brother went out with about 6000 sheep partly belonging to their Uncle Mr. Donald Campbell of Victoria, and they

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