Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 090

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Murrimbidgee and about 40 miles north of Denelequin [Deniliquin] about 20 months ago, for £10,000.  I have no water frontage and about a year ago I had 10,000 sheep watered at one well, I have since sunk two other wells and have been successful in finding very fair water though brackish at a depth of about 100 feet.  I raise it with a horse & whim - each well with whim troughs etc. & costs about £180.  I have sunk several large tanks and made dams across a shallow bed of a dry creek and from the unusual wet season, I have this summer been able to keep 18000 on the surface water with the exception of the use of one of the wells for 

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