Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 085

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about the boundaries of these back blocks.  I have not been back on that tract of country though I have been on the lower Murray within 60 miles of the Burra Burra, also on the country at the confluence of the Murray & Murrimbidgee [Murrumbidgee] and that of the Lachlan and Murrimbidgee, in fact I owned a Cattle Station within 10 miles of the junction of the latter Rivers.  The country there was very thinly grassed with salt bush &c and the fleeces would be very deficient, I therefore sold it at a loss.  I gave £14,000 for it with Cattle without muster estimated at 2000, and after holding it for 12 months sold it for £13,000 the buyer finding 

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