Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 019

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district.  I am glad to find that the Crown Land Commissioners are excluded from the appointment of Commissioners to settle disputed boundaries.  You will recollect that I brought a charge of fashood [falsehood] against Mr Bingham but I had a reply from the Colonial Secretary, saying that when I made a plain statement of facts, avoiding the use of "grossly offensive terms" that his Excellency would entertain it.  I had first appealed mildly but had not made out a case worthy of Executive interference;  and when I brought a tangable case accusing an official, of unfair dealing towards me, favoritism to another, and falsehood regarding it, I could not help feeling disgusted, at having my accusation shelved as being so very "grossly offensive" and under that feeling, I treated Mr Thomson's letter with the contempt it deserved.  I did not reply to it.  I had done a duty, in making such a charge, and would not be hounded on by shuffling formalities, according to Mr. Thomsons sense of propriety.  I ought to have written to you sooner on this subject, as from the interest you kindly took in my disputed claim to the Murray run, and 

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