Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 004

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Clunes 21 Dec. 1846

My dear Sir

I enclose a letter written to you exclusively on my case with Mr Bingham and I trust you will forgive me for tresspassing so much upon your time.  Although I have no wish to prepare a complaint against Mr Bingham, for any irregularity still if you think it necessary to strengthen my claim in getting for a Lisence, you can make what use of the letter you think fit, and perhaps it might explain the case to the Authorities;  it appears to me that Mr Bingham to prevent Boyd & Bell & Wilson going to law, assigns is to give Boyd some stations that Bell & Wilson formed, and to give them in return, what I occupy.

I found I had only an indifferent lambing only 13.00 from 20.00 Ewes, and many of the lambs looking very stinted, however not being on the ground myself I cannot judge whether there was any neglect, which I believe there was, the sheep are in good condition only I am sorry to say they are still troubled a little with foot-rot, which they caught in this part of the country.  I have applied for a Lisence in this district for a large Island in the Murray about 10 miles long and which would make a splendid cattle station, there is scarcely a tree upon it, the middle part [Continued on Page 5]

Melbourne 26 Dec. 1846

On my arrival here I received your kind letter of the 18th containing copy of your letter to the Colonial Secretary and a draft of a petition to the Governor.  I need not say that I feel exceedingly obliged for the kind interest you have taken in the business and a copy of the petition which I send by the same post and my letter that I alluded to in the beginning of this letter will give you the particulars as to how our case stands.

I have found that my application for the Island to Mr. Powlett the Commissioner of the District has not been forwarded to Sydney as I found it lying in his office.  Mr. Powlett has gone home and I require to see his successor Mr. Grimes on the subject which I expect to do tomorrow.

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