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Somewhere in France. 2/8/16.

I am writing to Mrs. Warry when I get settled a bit but I would like you to tell them I was beside him when he fell and he was as brave as could be.

When I look back on what I have gone through it makes me shudder but I feel sure many prayers are being sent up for me, otherwise I should never have pulled through. I lost 75% of my men and out of 13 officers who were in the charge, 2 officers returned, of which I am one.

I am too upset to write any more just now but will write you a long letter when we go back to rest.

I hope you are all well and happy. Don't forget to pray for me as it is absolute hell here.

Anyhow I have had the honour of being in the biggest battle in history. I expect to get a decoration out of it.

Good-bye and Good Luck,
Yours loving Son,

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