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the ways and customs of the people. Also with the long zig-zag of trenches!

Six weeks after our delightful journey – one night, a little stretcher-squad trudged wearily back and forth from trench to aid-post carrying wounded, and alas! many dead and dying – One poor fellow an exceedingly fine chap died just a few yards away from the shelter of the aid-post I was stricken with a great sadness, as I took my hat off and looked down upon his fine noble features still in death, it was drizzling rain, and the world seemed cast down with an exceeding great grief – as the machine guns buzzed and rifles cracked around about.

Next morning – a little band of men encircled a grave with an army chaplain at the head – the clouds had dried their tears and the sun was shining gloriously the birds were singing joyously, and flowers that lined the graves of the fallen, around us, nodded gaily in the gentle breeze,

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