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Letter from Sergt. Hodges received 22/2/17

1st Southern Genl. Hospital
Birmingham. Jan 10. 1917

Dear Mr Spencer,

Only a couple of days ago I sent you a post-card view of Birmingham and to-day as though it was an answer I received from the firm a copy of "Ginger Mick". I have already read it and it is now going the round of the ward amongst other Australians, Tommies, N. Zealanders and Canadians: it's a great little book and constant giggling continues to arise from the present reader of it, and the line, "My nurse-girl is a bonzer peach" is becoming quite a catch-word. The Tommies are slightly dazzled by the language, especially as I have told them that all the 'uppah clawses' speak that way as a matter of habit. I am writing a note to G.R in acknowledgement of it but I suspect you as the one who thought of me. The poems are excellent and as I will shortly go on my furlough I am going to spread Australian Culture amongst the nations here.

The inhabitants here are civilised and wear trousers though I am told in the

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