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you for your kindly thought.

We have just heard that the New Zealander have been sent to Suez and feel that we will get our marching orders any minute. We get very very little reliable War News. We had first news of the "Emden". The Sydney "fixed her up" within forty (40) miles of us. As a matter of fact the night before the scrap the Emden was within 7 miles of us thoroughly oblivious to our presence. We were travelling at a slow rate – all lights out. What a bean feast the Emden could have had if she had only known. It was known that she was about as Telefunken wireless messages could be detected but not read. It transpired that she had been in communication with her coal boat. When the Sydney moved away from us she simply flew. At 10 o'clock we knew that she had got into action and about 11 all on board the "Afric" knew that our "Mosquito" fleet had done its first real job well. You can imagine the arguments that cropped up after the excitement had

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