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[Two-page spread. The right-hand-side follows on from the previous page, and the left-had-side is the third page of the letter; transcribed in the order in which it should be read.]
miles & miles of trenches, the everlasting climbing of hills & bully beef & biscuits

For the last 3 months we where occupied Popes Post, the trenches were pretty close together and it got that way that we began to feel quiet at home.

Of course there was alway something happening to upset our equilibrium, little trifles like. one night we heard the shrill blast of a whistle from the enemies lines. That kept everybody "Standing to Arms" for about two hours. Nothing happened. Perhaps it was a Turkish corporal trying his new whistle.
Tins had an uncanny habit of rattling & it was wonderful what some fellows could see of a dark night

The bombs used to cause us some real excitement. One in particular (a big shell on a pole about 5 foot hight) you could see it whirling through the air and when it exploded there was something doing.
I remember the first day they started putting them over there

The evacuation was a great success
We must have looked a funny crew getting down those saps to the beach our feet rolled up in blankets, loaded up with all the gear we could carry. I had a good laugh, when a tommy

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