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are detained in Melbourne, perhaps never to be sent out. I am worried as to whether any of mine have reached Mrs Larkin. Since coming here I have written weekly – fairly long letters, too – and have not the slightest idea as whether any of them have got through. As a rule my letters have been purely personal but occasionally I could not resist doing a bit of growl at the way the force is being managed, or rather mismanaged We have been silly enough to think that the Australian Army had been democratised. There was never a greater delusion. Class is everything for advancement. There have been three glaring cases – or rather four – and you can bet that someone will get a rough time over them one of these days. I hope I return so that others may benefit by my experiences. I am not grumbling on my own account; because I am O.K. but it makes me a little fearful of results when I see injustice served up to good men. We

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