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[Page 434]

[Two-page spread. The letter begins on the right-hand side and continues on the left-hand side; transcribed as it should be read.]

Dearest Mother & Father,
I hope you recieved my letter with the account of the raid, written two days ago. Well I am still in first class health, and the hole has pretty well closed up, although the leg is a bit stiff, but is working off every day. Of course I lengthen my walks each day just a little distance.
The people about here are very very kind to us, and are always bringing Cigarettes tobacco, cakes etc, and stay talking to us for quite a long time.
By jove you would not believe how grand it is to sleep in a nice bed with sheets etc. What a change to just putting your overcoat on & dropping wherever you are on the ground, and having a few hrs nap. I wish the war would end so that I can get home and see my dear old people. These new countries are alright

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