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W.A.H. It is an ill-balanced outburst that makes no allowances for altered circumstances. When I left the Labor Tiger and the Liberal Lamb were lying side by side dreaming blissfully of the joy that was to fall on all and sundry through their tentative friendship. Evidently the inherent antipathy asserted itself very soon, as I note the Government is now playing a lone hand. Sic transit. Hang them all. It would suit a few of them better to be here doing something than there growling at those whose duties are hard enough anyhow.

Good old dailies. They must be hard put to it trying to prove to the producer, who had sold his wheat before sowing at 3/4 per bushel, that Government has robbed him by commandeering it all at 5/-. Still people take notice of them and will continue to do so until the educational system gets its punch properly in. No word of the Labor Daily yet. If it prove as grandmotherly when published as its start has been, it will outdo the "Herald" at its own game. Why, we ran a daily on the "Afric" with a few cases of type and an old hand press.

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