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After I had been two days in Egypt, my wound turned septic. The stomach was purple & had no feeling in it. The poison only had to sink about an eighth of an inch to do the trick, & the wound was discharging so much, that I smelt like four dead Turks. However I managed to pull through, was then X rayed, & the bullet extracted from the outside of the right thigh.

After that I improved like a house of on fire, & was sent to England (to heal up) in the "Karoola" which had been fitted out by the Commonwealth Government at Southampton as a super hospital ship. Unfortunately the vibration from the engines went clean through me, & I was in agonies all the way. I simply lived on morphia & aspirin, so that when I arrived here I was a regular death's head.

I am in an Australian officers' ward. I have had some complications which necessitated a 4th operation, & I have at least one more to come, but all the

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