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[Typed copy of a letter.]
Copy of letter sent by Mr. H. P. Evans (late A.I.F.) to his friend who succeeded him as Editor of the "Kookaburra" &c. Serg. W. Mitchell, A.I.F.Printing Section, Australian Corps, A.I.F., France.

Argyle Avenue, Ryde,
14 Sept. 1918.

Dear Bill,

I hear you are now settled somewhere a long way back of the line. Good biz say I: You will now have all the good things but I don't envy you all the same.

I'm sorry I hadn't an opportunity of calling on your people in Melbourne. I expected a good time there, but I may have that opportunity at a later date.

Would you mind posting me the matrices of the stereo of the "Kookaburra". You will find them in my (or rather your) drawer. And there is another thing I would like you to do. Instead of destroying copy of any papers etc. that you may be printing do it up in a packet and post it to the Principal Librarian, Public Library, Sydney. I mean the original manuscript, especially of regimental papers etc. If there is any difficulty posting it from France give it to one of the boys going on leave. I have promised to do this for the Public Library, and I know you will do your utmost to preserve these papers for me.

I am at present on the North of N.S.W. having a look round, and i will write you a little later about my experiences.

The Colonel will probably ask you to make up a parcel of printed matter for the Principal Librarian as I understand the latter has written for same. Make it as complete as possible, and especially include Corps Routine Orders from the time the alterations were made in their size showing saving of paper. Also include in parcel original typewritten orders if you have any. No necessity to tell the Colonel I have written you as he may think I am interfering.

Give my regards to the boyds including Vin, Pip, Yank, Wells. Tell Pip I will write him as I want some of his original paintings.

H. P. Evans.

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