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Trenches. Gallipoli
July 17th 1915

Dear Mother

A few lines to let you know I am quite well & going strong. I had a letter from Ruby & also one from "Sully" he was saying he has not seen Sam or any one from W.gong for some time so does'nt know how they are down there. Ruby said in her letter that she was sending me newspapers weekly but I haven't received any up to date. So Mother don't you send any because I never get them. when you write to Ruby please tell her not to bother sending anymore. I haven't heard from Sam only one card since, I have been over here.
Well Mother war is not all roses we are having a good deal of hardships to contend with and the hot weather a deadly roar of the big guns is something out of the common but I am quite used to it now.
Suppose you saw in Papers how we are fixing the Turks up. you can scarcely imagine how the boys get on to the enemy and make him go some. we are expecting an early finish here. when we start and the ships fire from behind us you would think it impossible for anythink to live in it.
Well Mother I haven't much time to write now but will write a long letter next time when you write send me Horace's address. best love to all at Home, not forgetting you & R.

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