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[Continuation of latter from page 383.]
You bet your past dollar Father old boy Tom is the right material & they know it here too. I have proved. Sometimes you are in the open & I am just as cool as if in George St. I only wish I was a Major or something so I could lead them into it
Well I am still as well & healthy as ever, which is a marvel as I think nearly all have been bad with Dysentry. I don't think the winter will be too good. It is quite cold now & rainy. I can stand it with the best of them.
I recieve letters frequently from Aunt Florrie also papers. She sent me a nice book called Under the German Ban in Alsache & Lorraine.
I hope the damn war does not last too long. I am dying for a good feed at home I often think of the good old evenings we had, & it makes my mouth water. I am so sorry to hear of Keith Haugh's wounding. It is bad luck. They are buzzing overhead like wild fire now.
I am writing this in the firing trench 20 yards from Turks. They are characters You have a shot at a periscope & immediately the joker waves a wash out which means you have missed. One was waving yesterday when of a sudden one of our big shells burst right on top of him. So I expect he is still going somewhere. Gee what a report they make when they explode
Will write shortly Kind regards to all friends & love to Helen Hoping you are all well with all love & kisses Your loving Son

Tell Edna Leth I posted her a letter two weeks before I recieved hers & will answer hers shortly

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