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further trouble. They seem to be under the impression that there are millions more of us back in Australia and I always let them think it, as there is less chance of any trouble whilst the natives think there are plenty more hordes of us demons. If we are sitting in a tram it is ten to one the conductor will say "Australia velly good"; the average tram fare here costs 2 milliems which is exactly ΒΌ d for a section equally the length of Sydneys section.

I am simply spilling over with impressions of Cairo which I want to write down, but I must reserve something for a future letter, so here is the end of this one.

I hope business hasn't slackened too much at the shop, and especially in the S-H; and of course you will remember me to Mr Robertson and all the hands, to say nothing of the ladies?

With kind regards to yourself and Mrs Spencer
I Remain
Your Sincere Friend
(Sgt) Harry. G. Hodges A.I.F
No 4304

If possible will you send a copy of this to my folks?

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