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from Harlesden Marion which gives grave news of Uncle Nugent. She also mentions that May's boss – Miss Stone - has given a 100 piastre note (1 £) for which I will thank her later.
Remember old May and include her in the reading as I have to group all my good Samaritans when writing.
Keep old Mum ding dong – I know she worry's a good deal but let her know I am "allus gott" or "tres bon". Poor old G.S. manages to give you a game of peek a booh; he must have the staying powers of a Carbine; I shouldn't be surprised at him lasting you all out.

Give my best of wishes to Bollorah & tell Dolph not to get cross with me if I appear to neglect him; it is an awful time trying to know who is next for mail. I have had several of Nina's letters & have replied on several occasions.
Im sorry to hear of Pearly being on the rocks, altho I suppose its the ultimate adventure for us all.
How does old Joe advance these days? I hardly ever hear of him;
Best of good wishes to you all & remember me to all who may have have been pardds in pre war days.
I guess it will be another five years before I see you all. Until then,

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