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a machine gun. Thank Heaven I am made of the right stuff. Same as you Dad afraid of nothing. If I do happen to go under you can always say, I done my duty well & who was never afraid to do anything.
Kitchner visited here yesterday and we hear there is a peace conference on. Lets hope they agree. It must be costing a tremendous amount to keep this place going
We will all be glad to see Snowy when he comes. We can do with some reinforcements in fact a good few. I often think of the gropers we used to catch. I believe I could put a 10 lb away with a couple of bottles of ale.
What is wrong with Bannister ask him did he get my letters also Bill I have written to them all.
I had a letter from Miss Hayes. Very nice one too. Tell Edna Johnnie Walker is not going too strong at present but hope to be up to mark shortly.
Hoping you are all well & enjoying good health. Love to all & kind regards to friends
Your loving Son

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